Our work: Event Implementation
Communication for Change and Development Dialogue Asia
What we did: We executed the event, designed the research exhibition infographic, and concepted the research dissemination interactive side activity.

C4C and DDA have completed a research about ways to communicate climate change to the different segments of the Indonesian population. They decided to display their findings in a museum-like exhibition, inviting not just CSO’s and government institutions, but also students and educators to the event.

We collaborated with exhibition artists who designed the exhibition visuals and the interactive mural. Visitors were guided through the exhibition, and encouraged to take part in the interactive mural by collaging their own climate change message with the help of artist Ika Vantiani.

Research findings are usually disseminated in a seminar or talkshow event. By adding an immersive experience of the research through an interactive exhibition, C4C and DDA have shown an alternative that is fresh and accessible for a large audience.

Learn more about the research and findings here: https://communicationforchange.id/yang-tidak-dibicarakan-ketika-kita-bicara-perubahan-iklim-en