Our work: Communication strategy and support
Client: Maybank Indonesia
What we did: We developed the event communication messaging and plan, we assisted the client in stakeholder engagement, and we wrote press releases, captions, speeches and talking points

We developed the event communication plan for Maybank Indonesia’s Sustainability team and created the key narrative for Sustainability Day, a side event of the renowned Maybank Marathon in Bali, ensuring that the key sustainability messages are conveyed without disrupting the marathon-driven environment. We treated sustainability as a new angle for the event, instead of a distraction.

In 2022, we created the key narratives of Sustainability Day that reflect the Maybank Sustainability pillars and highlight Maybank Group’s key achievements. We ensured that there is fluency and alignment across internal and external communications. The Sustainability Day press kit that our team created has been published in all of the major local news outlets, as well as in Malaysian news outlets.

For 2023, the Sigi team was again deployed for the communication materials and general counsel of Sustainability Day, which now includes a mangrove planting ceremonial with the local government and Maybank Group’s board members, supported by Maybank CSR beneficiaries and sustainability partners. 

In both years, Sigi Indonesia developed the following materials for Sustainability Day:

  • Event Communication Strategy
  • Press Release and Information packet
  • Internal communications
  • External communications
  • Media consultancy