Our work: Event consulting and support
Australia Indonesia Partnership for Justice
What we did: We executed and supervised the event and developed a guideline that ensures the event’s replicability by local communities

According to the law, a child’s birth certificate can only have complete data if his/her parents can show their marriage certificate. Yet 55% couples living in poverty don’t have marriage certificates, because the office where they have to register their matrimonies (KUA) is too far from their villages.

The client empowered local government and CSOs to deliver integrated service, so parents could obtain all legal identities under one roof.

Lead by Communication for Change, we ensured that an event concept is implemented to not just create awareness, but also to develop involvement from and ownership by local communities. We created event toolkits and mobilized independent initiatives from several local groups.

The Akta untuk Semua events are small scale but with heart and with a big message, proving that a well-strategized communication plan is key in creating involvement.


Labor Pains: Birth and Civil Registration in Indonesia