Our work: Event Concepting and Implementation
Client: Yayasan Adikara Niat dan Sekolah Regina Pacis
What we did: We conceived and implementd the workshop and seminar called “Memperkuat Para Pembentuk Karakter” in Bogor for teambuilding and work planning

After one year of management restructuring and the formation of a new management team in 2019, teachers from the Regina Pacis School and members of the Adikara Niat Foundation needed to determine and plan the course of action for curriculum improvement, student recruitment, and capacity building together with the new management team.

We conceived a 2-day workshop and seminar in March 2020, right before the COVID-19 pandemic, centring it around the earlier mentioned tasks while highlighting character building, collaboration, and empowerment as main themes. We proposed the seminar speakers and workshop activities, which include:

  • Practitioners and writers who have an audience-centred interest and who have created content and campaigns that compel the generational focus of the school.
  • Teambuilding activities that serve both connection with one another, but also with oneself, with the activity being rooted strongly in Indonesian culture to enhance the learning and teaching experience.
  • Venue, lodging package, and entertainment for 2 days