Our work: Event Implementation and Game Design
What we did: We executed the event and designed the research exhibition panels and vertical game board

The involvement of young people in Indonesia in climate and environmental issues has shown several positive outcomes. They engage in various forms of activities, such as campaigns, capacity-building, research, advocacy, and community mentoring. They are also involved through multiple channels, both through movements or organizations they establish themselves and those formed by adults.

PUSKAPA conducted a research that explores the experiences and identifies the needs of young people to enable their optimal engagement. The research dissemination event was meant to reflect the findings and appeal to a young audience.

Creative Hall at MBloc Space became a research result exhibition in the form of a 2x6M infographic, a corner to play the Jejak Aksi Kaum Muda vertical 2x2M board game inspired by the Game of Life, a stage for several talkshows with young policy makers, and a CSO fair consisting of CSO’s that encourages youth activism such as Think Policy, PAMFLET, Solar Generation, GERKATIN, and Greenpeace.

Sigi team managed and coordinated all four event activities during the 2-day event, and co-designed the infographic and vertical game board.