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Social undistancing: What events will look like post corona virus

By May 21, 2020November 1st, 2023No Comments

I read somewhere about social undistancing being one of the biggest anxieties after the wave of the pandemic. It may be hard for many to imagine themselves standing in the festival court of a stadium, shoulder to shoulder with strangers, to watch a concert of Metallica. Seated conventions and typical Indonesian weddings, where hundreds are gathered and queued at the buffet and the pelaminan, may not be something we want to jump into after the lockdown.

What do industry experts say about the future of events? We like to read up on these predictions, and here are some of our favorite sources:

  • According to Julius Solaris the future of event organizing can be anticipated in the type of events and the flow of events. New procedures will take place and new expertise required (such as health and safety experts), and it is safe to start with a maximum of 50 participants in an event
  • Another possibility is conducting hybrid events. Gary Shapiro mentions the flexibility of venue owners, and how we can slowly build occupancy of meeting venues by combining face-to-face gatherings with virtual presence